TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, gore, eating disorders, and cannibalism.

[ All inclusive Gluttony from FMA ]

where is my lust..?
The Gluttony portrayed here has thoughts and feelings just as anyone would (if not more intensely felt), as to create a deeper feel for his character. Gluttony goes much farther than simply being Lust's faithful companion and more can be found on his about page regarding this. Be wary of triggers.
—; brotherly love.


Well, for once, they were finally let out of the house. It really should’ve been paradise in there, but after being cooped up for over a few months, Greed had nearly gone crazy. But finally, Dante had let them step out for a bit for a purpose other than try to look around for alchemists-that would be Envy’s job today given his powers-. However, she had told Greed to keep an eye upon his new brother-she didn’t exactly trust that he would be good on his own (even though Greed could tell she hardly trusted him anymore, with how she repeated over and over to stay near home.)

Being stuck under her really wasn’t all that great. How the hell was he so close to her when he was human?

Well, no matter. Greed had taken to stepping over to a tree, eyes occasionally gazing over to where the other sin was waddling around. The sight was kind of amusing-despite that Greed didn’t care much for either of his siblings, Gluttony was at least not as irritating as Envy.

He started to reach into his pocket, wanting to grab a cigarette, but then he heard the bump. It nearly caused him to fall over, before he quickly balanced himself to look over at Gluttony.

The sight at first made him rather annoyed, given that he was getting so comfortable. But then he grinned slightly, before bursting into a bit of laughter. He knew it was kind of mean to laugh at him, but the sight was too amusing.

"Sheesh! Watch where you’re going, will ya Glut?"

He looked up at Greed, embarrassed and ashamed. He didn’t now he wasn’t alone. If he had, he surely would have been more cautious… What a fool he was. He avoided eye contact as he muttered a response. 

     ”S-sorry.. I..” He struggled. His eyes flickered from the ground to his trembling hands. ” I wasn’t lookin’.” He caught his balance and backed up a bit from the other homunculus. He wasn’t quite familiar with this brother of his, and those who had took him in seemed to be cruel enough, why would this man be any different? Gluttony prepared himself for the worst. He hoped he hadn’t seemed weak. The sin always seemed to be in a defensive stance when he was around them. Honestly, it was getting to be tiresome. All he wanted was something to snack on.

     Waiting for Greed to respond, Gluttony fidgeted with his fingers and let out a small chuckle at his foolishness, as if to ease any tension. when he was still met by a judging and awkward silence from his brother, he took a small step forward, grunting as he was reminded of his fall by a soreness in his bottom. That would go away soon enough, though.


     His index finger took its familiar and fitting place beside the corner of his distant frown. Gluttony changed the subject of interest from his embarrassing fall to the weather. Small talk. “Today is.. real nice!” He sputtered with a forced smile. He hoped it didn’t seem as fake as it was. “Real… Warm and cozy.”

—; brotherly love.

     Such a lovely day! Gluttony felt the light breeze on his face and the warmth of the sun. It was rare to have been let outside alone. But then, he had let himself outside, and he wasn’t going very far, anyway. Only far enough to sate his hunger. What was he hungry for..?

     …Who cared? The sun was shining and he felt alive. With each step he took away from that dark, depressing, overbearing house, he felt closer to something else; something better. Something that was savory and warm. He could nearly taste it. Closing his dull eyes, the sin took in what felt like he had not felt for a long time. He felt like someone else. He felt like someone who had no cares, and who was free. He felt like a bird. He wrapped his long arms around himself and stood still for a couple of moments. He did not know where he was and he did not care. Birds never cared. Pent up in that house— that cage—always taking orders, always starving, how could he learn anything? Meet anyone? Go anywhere? All of this was new to him, and very strange. He wished he could fly away from it all (especially his constant desire to eat being paired with the constant unavailability of sufficient food sources. Why was it that every time he hungered, he could not eat? It felt wrong. Everything felt wrong.) He let his arms drop to his sides and began to walk again.

     He had felt a constant, ringing pain, and he had yet to find what could ease it. Aching and groaning only made it worse, and he had therefore decided to spend most of his days silent. So, he silently, blindly, moved himself with his arms swinging at his sides. He was moving toward the sun. Something he felt could be living. Something deliciously close—

     And, something not so deliciously close. In all his pondering, Gluttony had forgot his caution and wandered straight into a tree. He fell backwards with a thump. Finally opening his eyes, he stared, hostile, at his opponent and growled. He wasn’t sure if he was growling at the plant or at himself, but frustration bubbled beneath the surface of his rough, thick skin. He mumbled as he brushed himself off. Maybe he shouldn’t have wandered.


—; оос

[ fat uncle larry NO fucking way

i’m making another headcanon if its the last thing i do

fat uncle larry are you kidding me ]


Before being reincarnated as a homunculus, 2003!Gluttony was a man called Fat Uncle Larry, and he was close with his family. Unfortunately, he died at a young age from a severe heart attack. His grief-stricken niece attempted Human Transmutation to bring him back. Obviously, her attempt failed, and thus, Gluttony was created.

Submitted by sakura-araragi and flurrin


I learned to make a gif today with my old “Forever with Me” piece! Cannibalism tummy touch!


poor simple gluttony.  He always seems to get killed more than most.

—; шєʟсомє.




Well, the warrior certainly wasn’t planning on sticking around, if she could avoid it. Of course, there was still the chance that she could beat him in a fight, but she wasn’t really planning on taking that risk.

       Truly, the fat man didn’t want to fight for his food. He would rather, as anyone would, lure it in. This one had fallen into his trap, but its masked stature threw him off a bit. Its silent contemplation before him made him cautious, wary of attack. He had just eaten anyway, he was almost sure he still had some blood on his lips. However, dessert was always welcomed. He cocked his head as he waited for her to make a move.

        If she fled, he’d surely catch her. If she stayed, he’d lure her in. Foolproof.